A New Affiliation with The Aspen Institute

We’re excited to announce that the Pluribus Project has negotiated a partnership with the DC-based The Aspen Institute. Under the terms of this highly unusual agreement, Pluribus is designated a “special initiative” with Aspen. The affiliation reflects the close alignment between the values and goals of the Pluribus Project and those of key Aspen Institute leadership and policy programs. It also reflects a shared commitment to pursuing innovative, nonpartisan solutions to complex contemporary problems.

Our partnership with Aspen was formally launched at the Institute’s high-profile Ideas Festival — a prestigious gathering held every summer in Aspen, CO. At this year’s Festival, which wrapped on July 4, we hosted a well-attended reception that introduced the project to many of the private sector and emerging leaders who typically participate in the multi-day event. We also organized a panel discussion on money in politics, entitled Disrupting Political Campaigns: Shifting Influence from the Money to the Many. Pluribus’ executive director, Lucas Welch, kicked off that session with a presentation on our approach to addressing the distorting influence of money in politics. He explained why we’re focusing on non-regulatory strategies for changing campaign practices, and framed the discussion in terms of how to encourage the development of a viable “people-powered playbook” for conducting an effective political campaign. Writing in the Huffington Post, Judith Samuelson, executive director of Aspen’s Business and Society Program, described Lucas’s presentation as “powerful” and identified it as one of “five great moments” from the 2015 Festival [LINK].

Together, the reception and panel discussion — and the many informal conversations that Lucas and other members of the Pluribus team struck up on the sidelines — created some real “buzz” about The Pluribus Project and made for an impressive debut of our Aspen affiliation.

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