Current Activities: Summer 2015

The leadership team is currently focusing on two priorities: recruiting participants for the two collaboratory processes around which the Pluribus Project is organized (a Representation Collaboratory that will concentrate on strategies to promote political campaign practices that encourage elected officials to feel beholden to a broad cross-section of constituents, and a Narrative Collaboratory that will explore innovative strategies for advancing a narrative of citizen agency that counters today’s disheartening narrative of civic powerlessness); and preparing an analytical framework for catalyzing and accelerating innovation in each of the project’s two problem areas.

Collaboratory Recruitment

We anticipate that our collaboratories will evolve over time, but ultimately we’re aiming to involve at least 50 individuals — we’re calling them “catalysts” — in each network. Included in the collaboratories will be leading experts and practitioners from relevant stakeholder groups whose participation will help us grapple realistically with the dynamics in our targeted issue areas. Also included will be innovators and investors who have demonstrated success in identifying and capitalizing on trends in other domains. Recruitment is getting underway and we expect to intensify our outreach in the coming weeks.


At the same time, we are synthesizing key insights from relevant research and analysis regarding problem dynamics, trends, and existing efforts in each broad issue area. Based on that research synthesis, we’ll be identifying and making a case for what we see as the most powerful levers of change and the most promising broad opportunities for innovation in each domain. Six to eight such hypotheses will be laid out for discussion with collaboratory participants this fall, to help sharpen our focus as we move toward our goal of presenting investors with a small slate of potential new ventures early next year.

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