Expansion of the Pluribus Leadership Team

Two new members have been added to the Pluribus leadership team. Both are leading lights in the democracy field and both have strong networks in the private sector as well as in the nonprofit, advocacy, and political arenas. We’re already benefiting from their impressive domain expertise, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Eric Liu | Executive Director, Aspen Program for Citizenship & American Identity

As part of the Pluribus Project’s arrangement with Aspen, Eric Liu, executive director of the Aspen Institute Citizenship & American Identity Program, will direct our Narrative Collaboratory. Eric is a highly regarded civics educator and founder of the innovative Citizen University, a national nonprofit that works across the political spectrum to promote the art of powerful citizenship. A gifted communicator, Eric co-authored the national bestseller The Gardens of Democracy; his most recent book is A Chinaman’s Chance: One Family’s Journey and the Chinese American Dream. He served as a White House speechwriter for President Clinton and is now a correspondent for The Atlantic as well as a columnist for CNN.

 Elections used to be fun — what if they were again? Take a look at Eric’s article on “The Joy of Voting” in the March 22 issue of The Atlantic.

Heather Smith | Senior Advisor

Heather Smith, the former president of Rock the Vote, has joined the team as senior advisor and will play a leading role in implementing the Representation Collaboratory. Under Heather’s leadership, Rock the Vote ran the largest nonpartisan voter engagement efforts in the country during the last two presidential elections, launched a national high school civics education initiative, and refined best practices and new technologies for the continued engagement of youth voters. A recognized leader and innovator in the area of voter engagement, Heather has also conducted control group-based experiments in the context of political campaigns. She has recently been consulting to the Bipartisan Policy Center and Google on the future of political advertising.

We’re also in the process of forming an Advisory Board, to be chaired by Stephen Heintz, founder of The Pluribus Project and president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The first round of invitations has gone out and our goal is to assemble a full board by early fall.

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