Next Steps: The Year Ahead

Looking ahead, here’s how we expect The Pluribus Project to unfold — recognizing that these stages will likely overlap and move forward more iteratively than this timeline suggests:

FALL 2015: Sharpen focus

This fall, through small working sessions and one-on-one interviews with collaboratory members, we will leverage the collective wisdom of our networks to sharpen our focus, improve our identification of opportunities for innovation, and begin fleshing out new ventures in each problem area that align with our analysis and excite the interest of our domain experts and entrepreneurs.

WINTER 2015-2016: Develop venture portfolios and channel investments

In the winter, we’ll develop, seek feedback on, and ultimately present our collaboratory participants with a portfolio of ventures that show particular promise. Some ventures may be new ideas, while others may already be in development. All will be early-stage, innovative approaches that are ready to be tested.

Then we’ll work to connect interested investors and donors with promising ventures or prototypes. Some of these “angel” investments (~$50,000 for pilot projects) may offer the prospect of a financial return; some will be philanthropic contributions. All will be aimed at effecting change in Pluribus’s issue areas.

SPRING – FALL 2016: Launch prototypes and pilots

By spring of 2016, the ventures that have received funding will be getting underway. Our team will work actively to support their implementation, including by sharing strategic advice, presenting relevant research, connecting the innovators with potential partners, etc. In collaboration with appropriate partners, we’ll ensure that the impacts of each pilot initiative are assessed as rigorously as possible.


At the end of 2016, we’ll turn our attention to reporting on the pilot ventures — and reflecting on the effectiveness of our project strategy.

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