The Power of a Pledge

The Power of a Pledge

Defend Our Future & UMass Amherst

There is extensive behavioral science research showing that if an individual makes a commitment to someone that they will do something, the likelihood of them actually doing it increases significantly. There have been numerous attempts at applying this principle within the political context but little rigorous research into what works and why that can be widely used and deployed. Alicia Prevost of Defend Our Future and Mia Costa of UMass Amherst are exploring how we can help mobilize more people to participate in the political process through the power of a pledge.


1) Who are you and how did you come to get involved in this work?

2) Why is your work important?

3) What distinguishes your project from similar efforts – and why do you believe it will succeed in ways that other efforts might not?

4) What does success look like in five years – how will things be different if you’re successful?