Increasing turnout in determinative primaries

Increasing turnout in determinative primaries

Echelon Insights

The vast majority of congressional seats today are considered safe for one of the parties, meaning that the primary election is the determinant election. Yet turnout in primary elections is often paltry and dominated by the most ideologically extreme constituents, so a small fringe of the electorate can determine the district’s representative. Patrick Ruffini and Kristen Soltis Anderson, two leading Republican campaign strategists and the co-founders of Echelon Insights, are exploring how we can ensure that the people who determine the representative of a district are more representative of that district.


1) Who are you and how did you come to get involved in this work?

2) Why is your work important?

3) What distinguishes your project from similar efforts – and why do you believe it will succeed in ways that other efforts might not?

4) What does success look like in five years – how will things be different if you’re successful?