A new 21st century public square

A new 21st century public square

The UnConvention from the 92nd Street Y, Mic and PRI

Traditionally the political debates, media coverage and political conventions have offered alternative channels for voters to make more informed decisions about who they want to support. For young people today, though, it is not enough to be passive recipients of such content; they want to be active participants in conversation. 92nd Street Y, in collaboration with Mic and Public Radio International, are presenting the UnConvention to facilitate a conversation of, by and for millennials about what matters to them, so they can get more involved and make more informed decisions. Asha Curran, director of 92Y’s Center for Innovation and Social Impact, describes the UnConvention.


1) Who are you and how did you come to get involved in this work?

2) Why is your work important?

3) What distinguishes your project from similar efforts – and why do you believe it will succeed in ways that other efforts might not?

4) What does success look like in five years – how will things be different if you’re successful?